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Welcome to Classical Cover Art

This website is intended as a free resource for collectors and lovers of album cover art.

Unless otherwise noted, every single album image that appears on this site was taken by myself, Joseph A. Moore, over a period stretching more than 15 years. This represents thousands of hours of work. 

(Photographing albums is quite difficult – aside from lighting issues and maintaining a flat appearance, one must often correct for camera distortions and also repair cosmetic "defects" or blemishes via Photoshop. I actually use Acorn, a similar and superb App).

With the time I have spent building this photo collection, I could have no doubt obtained a pilot's license or become fluent in one or more languages. And those, arguably, might have been better, or at least more profitable, uses of my time. But I love music and cover art and this is a passion of mine.

Of course I have no rights to the actual cover art shown in the images, and do not claim any. However, the photos of these images – all the photos on this site – are 100% mine. In terms of proof-of-ownership, I have copies of all the original photos, all date- and time-stamped. In addition, their first appearance on the Internet is also date- and time-stamped.